What can be traded in Warframe?

Here you will find all items you can trade with other Tenno (if they pay the right price, of course). I tell this to all of you due to there has been so much confusion on which items can be traded and which ones can not. Here you have what you need to know about this topic, hope you find it useful.

Warframe universe is in constant change and expansion, so stay alert because this may change in time. If you find anything tradeable that is not listed here, let me know, so we can help all Tenno on the system.

1. Mods

Any mod you find, can be traded. The only important thing about trading mods you should now is the higher the rank is, the more credits will cost the trade. The most expensive mods are de Primed Mods, which have a one million credits cost per trade at their minimum rank.

You can get mods from different sources:

  • From enemies.
  • As a reward in missions.
  • Trading with Baro Ki’Teer.
  • Completing Sorties (Riven Mods).
Mods Trade

2. Prime Parts

Prime Parts trade

Every Prime Parts and Blueprints, even those which have been vaulted. The value of each Prime Part depends on several factors, the “newer” the Part is, the higher its price will be, and its value will decrease over time. If they are vaulted and its Relics can not be farmed, its price will be higher and, depending on the difficult of obtaining each part, the rarest Parts will be the most expensive ones.

The only way to get Prime Parts is opening Void Relics.

3. Special tradeable weapons

As you can see, there are two kind of weapons in this category, the ones you can obtain already built, and the ones you can obtain in parts. You will get this weapons in different ways:

  • Baro Ki’Teer: Buying with Ducats.
  • Invasions: As a reward for supporting one faction.
  • In Cetus: As a reward from some Bounties.
  • Syndicates: By buying them for Standing Points.

Depending on the weapon you can trade then only if they are:

  • Built: In Rank 0 (zero). I mean, unused.
  • Part by part: You can only trade with the Parts, I mean, unbuilt.



and Sentinel

trade Prisma Weapons

Wraith Weapons

and Weapon Parts

trade Wraith Weapons

Vandal Weapons

and Weapon Parts

Archwing Weapon

Syndicate Parts

Archwing Weapons trade

Wraith Weapons

and Weapon Parts

4. Genetic Imprints

Every Kubrow or Kavat Imprint is tradeable. To obtain an Imprint from a Kubrow or Kavat you will first need a Genetic Code Template. You can obtain a Genetic Code Template Blueprint in the Market Console on your ship.

The Templates can be used on active companions anytime through your ship’s Incubator menu.

5. Coordinates

The Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinates are the only ones you can trade. You can get this Coordinates in two ways:

  • As a reward in some Invasions.
  • As a reward in rotation B on Derelict Defense and Survival missions.

The Proof Fragments: These fragments are the Coordinates you need to complete the Quest “The Limbo Theorem”, and they are only useful to complete this Quest.

trade Proof Fragment

6. Arcanes

Arcanes Enhacements Helmets trade

Any Arcane equipment. Despite you can no longer obtain Arcane Helmets as a reward, you can trade them with Tenno who already have one of them. You can only trade Arcane Helmets once they are already built.

The you can get the rest of the arcane equipment as a reward for successfully completing the special missions “Retribution Law” and “Jordas Veredict”.

7. Ships Parts

Blueprints, Engines, Avionics and Fuselage are the different parts needed to manufacture a Landing Craft. This parts can be obtained from different sources:

  • Scimitar: Defeating Special enemies: Stalker, Zanuka and the Three Grustrag.
  • Mantis: Each part form a different rare container: Grineer, Corpus and Orokin.
  • Xiphos: Finding and opening the three hidden containers in sabotage missions.

In this case, you can only trade with the Blueprints of each part. If they are built you can NOT trade with them.

Mantis Scimitar Xiphos trade

The Blueprint of each ship can be obtained in the Market console for 35000 Credits. It has no sense to trade with these blueprints, paying Platinum to other player, but the free market has no limitations.

8. Platinum

Of course, this is the main currency in Warframe. But there is an exception with the 50 Platinum you get from Lotus when you woke up in this universe, which you can not use to trade.

Platino Platinum

9. Ayatan Sculptures and Stars

ayatan treasures trade

You can get the Ayatan Stars opening boxes and containers during every mission. The Sculptures can be obtains in three ways:

  • Once a week, completing the special missions Maroo offers in the Maroo’s Bazaar, on Earth.
  • Hidden in the map of any mission.
  • As a reward in daily Sorties.

You can trade with Sculptures, both empty and loaded with Ayatan Stars.

10. Focus Lenses

Currently it is only possible to trade with the regular Focus Lens, and not with the greater ones. After the Plains of Eidolon Update you can get Lens as a reward for completing some Bounties in Cetus.

Focus Lenses trade

11. Relics

Maybe Cpt. Drake is interested in this topic, I don’t now if he is in the Relic trading, but you can trade with any Relic you find, even the refined ones.

The Relics can be obtained for finishing some missions, in the General Map of Relic Farm you can find all the info you need to get them.

12. Keys

The keys are used to access special areas in the Solar System, where you find adventures, challenges and special threats, as well as great rewards and valuable objects. But be careful Tenno, we need you in one piece.

The built keys you can trade with which you can trade are:

  • Derelict Keys.
  • Key to the “Retribution Law” (regular and nightmare).
  • Key to the “Jordas Veredict”.
  • Key to the “Mutalist Alad V Assassination.
  • Key to the Quest: Inaros Sands Blueprint. (Keep in mind that, in this case, you can trade with the Blueprint not with the key)
Tradeable Keys

13. Legendary Core

This object is a reward you will get for completing the daily Incursions among others. They have enough power to enhance a mod to its maximum rank with only one fusion.

Legendary Core

14. Captura Scenes

Every Scenes you can bought from Syndicates are tradeables. These Scenes can be obtained by buying them from the different Syndicates.

Captura Scenes trade

15. Mandacord Songs

The songs you write for the Octavia instrument are tradeable. To write any song you have to enter in the Octavia Warframe form the Arsenal and, in appearance, you can see in the lower right corner the option Mandachord. When you write a song you can save it and trade.


16. Gems and Fish

Fishes and Refined Gems trade

Yes Tenno, you can also trade both with Refined Gems and you Fish catches.

For the first ones you need mining tools and Blueprints to Refine Gems, both thing can be found in the Old man Suumbat Store in Cetus.

In the second case is essential to have Fishing Harpoons among other tools you can find in the Hai-Luk Fisher store, and luck fishing in the Plains of Eidolon. Fish have to be intact to be able to trade with them.

That’s all for now, as I said in the beginning, if you find any mistake or yo know any tradeable item which not appear on this list let me now to help every Tenno. Remember that everything has a price and there is always someone willing to pay it.

John Maynard (Oberon)

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