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Here you will find all the basic information related with Void Relics, from how to use them, to how to improve them.

1. What are the void relics?

First of all, let me explain that the Void Relics are ancient artefacts that contains Orokin secrets. These secrets are know as Prime, the most powerful weapons on this universe, and this artefacts can only be opened through the power of the Void.

Void Relics always contains six different items that can be Prime ones or Forma Blueprints depending on each Relic. The three firsts are Common Items, the two seconds are Uncommon Items, and the last ones are Rare items.

2. void Relics Acquisition.

How can we get them? You will get Relics as rewards by successfully completing some missions. You will find all the information you need in the Relic Farm General Map. This is not the only way to get them, but the very first you will learn.

Since the discovery of the Plains of Eidolon, you can obtain Void Relics as a possible reward once you complete the Cetus Bounties Konzu Offers.

As a secondary source, you can buy Relic Packs in exchange of each Syndicate Standing Points, on the Syndicates console at left hand from the navigation console in your ship. You can trade these Standing Points on every relay too. In the same way, you can exchange Conclave (a neutral Syndicate) Standing Points for these packs on the Conclave room placed on the relays ruled by Teshin. In both situations, these rooms are placed on the first floor of the relays, and again, in both cases, this Relic Pack costs 20.000 standing points. These Packs contains three random Relics (one guaranteed Rare).

Additionally you can buy a Relic Pack on the Market console for 50 platinum, the difference between this pack and the mentioned before is that it contains five random Relics (instead of 3) and one guaranteed rare Relic too.

Finally there is a third way to get a Single Relic type (Axi A2). It can be bought from Baro Ki’Teer, the void merchant, if it is between his goods when he comes to the relay.

3. Void Relics Refinement

You may also be curious about the possibility of refining your Void Relics. You need the Void Relic Segment, that you will get after completing the Mars Junction.

Through the refinement of a Relic, you will increase the drop chances of the rarest items, decreasing the drop chance of the most common ones in exchange. There are four Relic stages: Intact, Exceptional, Flawless and Radiant.

In order to refine your Relics you will need traces, that is a resource you will get every time you open one Relic, the more you open, the more you get.

The drop chances are the following:

StageCommon ItemsUncommon ItemsRare ItemsVoid Traces Cost
Intact76% (25,3% each)22% (11% each)2.00%0 Traces
Exceptional70% (23,3% each)26% (13% each)4.00%25 Traces
Flawless60% (20% each)34% (17% each)6.00%50 Traces
Radiant50% (16,6% each)40% (20% each)10.00%100 Traces

4. How are the Void Relics Used?

Void Relics can be only opened during Void Fissures, these fissures appear randomly all over the system and are assorted by “eras”: Lith era Fissures, Meso era Fissures, Neo era Fissures and Axi era Fissures. As you may have noticed, on each Fissure you can use only Relics of the same era.

During these missions, you need to collect 10 Reactant units to open each Relic you have equipped. There are missions where you can only open one Relic each run, and missions where you will be able to open several Relics.

5. Side Effects When Opening a Relic

Once a Relic is open, you will be Corrupted by the Orokin power within the Relic, allowing you to see a power layer upon the area it is affecting: Warframe, Primary, Secondary or Melee weapon. This Corruption will affect you in four different ways:

  • Affecting your Warframe, the Corruption will boost your abilities strength and range doubling them.
  • Affecting your Primary weapon, will cause in no ammo consumption.
  • Affecting you Secondary weapon, will cause in no ammo consumption too.
  • Affecting your Melee weapon, will boost the channelling efficiency, consuming 1 energy unit per hit.

This Corruption effects are limited to a brief period of time, depending on the era of each fissure:

  • 30 seconds on Lith era.
  • 60 seconds on Meso era.
  • 90 seconds on Neo era.
  • 120 seconds on Axi era.

Now that you have all the basic information related to Relics, go ahead and hunt these ancient Orokin treasures Tenno. Remember to take a look on Cpt. Drake’s Relic farming guide to make this Relic hunt easier.


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