Warframe Banshee Prime

Here you can see all tricks Banshee Prime has under her sleeve and all the information about how to obtain her. Master the power of sound and decide how to use it wisely, Tenno.

Remember Tenno, Banshee Prime has a regular version, Banshee.

Prime Access Banshee Prime

The power of sound reaches a new level with Banshee Prime, Tenno.

Faster, with a superior armor, enhanced energy capability, and an extra polarity. These are the advantages Banshee Prime has compared to his regular version.



RZero 175 - RMax 263


RZero 65 - RMax 65


RZero 100 - RMax 300


RZero 100 - RMax 300

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.15 - RMax 1.15