Warframe Limbo Prime

Limbo Prime, a tactical warframe hard to control. Here you can see how to obtain this Prime warframe and some details which help you to master him, Tenno.

Remember Tenno, Limbo Prime has a regular version, Limbo.

Limbo Prime ENN

In a world of shadows there was an explosion, and the reality change. From the rift a silhouette emerged who smiled non-stop, a disturbing smile which transmitted only one thing… run while you can.

Limbo Prime, a legend now know is real. Many are the stories about this Prime warframe, so different among them like day and night. However, there is one thing all have in common, impotence and despair are the words used by his enemies to describe this warframe.



RZero 100 - RMax 263


RZero 85 - RMax 85


RZero 100 - RMax 300


RZero 100 - RMax 300

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.15 - RMax 1.15