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Remember Tenno, Mirage Prime has a regular version, Mirage.

During the Tenno Rebellion several corpses of Orokin executioners were found inside a colorful gift boxes, the culprit was never found, but the witnesses spoke about a jester who laughed non-stop. Mirage Prime has awakened Tenno, and the whole Solar system will soon know.

Higher armor values, better shields and two additional polarities; these are the advantages Mirage Prime has compared to his regular version.

Mirage Prime Warframe

Like in all Prime warframes, you will have three options the get Mirage Prime.

The first one appears with the Mirage Prime access, that also includes the Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime, which you can buy in the Warframe website until the next Prime warframe appears (approximately in three months).

On the other hand, you can get the different parts of Mirage Prime be trading with other Tenno, which can be very lucrative for those who sell, and expensive for the ones who buy.

StatsValues (R-0)Values (R-30)
Sprint Speed1,21.2
Aura PolarityNaramon
Exilus PolarityNone
PolaritiesNaramon x1
Madurai x1
Vazarin x2
Required Mastery Rank8
Market PriceNone
Mirage Prime solo1

And finally, as all Prime equipment, you can get it opening the Relics which contain the different parts of Mirage Prime. It may not be the fastest nor the easiest, but is something available for everyone (sooner or later).

PartHow to GetDrop Chance
Mirage Prime BlueprintNeo M1Rare
Mirage Prime Chassis BlueprintLith S7Common
Mirage Prime Systems BlueprintNeo V6Uncommon
Mirage Prime Neuroptics BlueprintMeso H1Common

If you want more information about how to get this Relics, I recommend you to start by looking the General map of Relic Farming by Cpt, Drake.

Mirage Prime Abilities

Here we are going to talk about Mirage Prime abilities. Like the other Warframes, Mirage Prime has four powerful abilities, the same as the regular version. Besides, she also has two passive abilities we will mention later.

1. Hall of Mirrors

Mirage creates an entourage of doppelgangers to confuse and distract the enemy.

Mirage Prime Hall of Mirrors EN

Thanks to this ability, Mirage is able to wreak havoc between the enemy lines, multiplying all the damage she causes with her weapons. Even though you see four copies around her, only the two in front have offensive capability.

If you are interested in maximize this ability you will have to enhance all you can both Duration and Strength.

2. Sleight of Hand

Booby trap nearby objects while conjuring an irresistible jewel that bursts with radial blind when touched in darkness, or a radial explosion in light. Conjure multiple smaller jewels with the help of the ability Hall of Mirrors

Mirage Prime Sleight of Hand EN

In the case of Sleight of Hand, the second ability of Mirage Prime, you will have to direct the ability to the nearby objects you will find on the ground (ammo, orbs, mods, etc.), to apply its effect.

If the area where you use the ability is illuminated it will cause an explosion which causes damage to all nearby enemies within its area of effect. If when you use the ability, the jewel is in the darkness, it will causes an explosion of light, creating a flash which blinds all nearby enemies.

In this case, what you have to boost will be both Reach and Strength, leaving in the background Duration and Efficiency.

3. Eclipse

Standing in light, Mirage deals heavy damage, while the shadows make Mirage difficult to track and even harder to hurt.

Mirage Prime Eclipse EN

Thanks to this ability, Mirage obtains a bonus multiplier at the same time she reduces the amount of damage taken. Well used, this ability is able to multiplying by 5 the damage you cause, and reduce in 95% the damage taken.

To take make the most of this ability you will be interested in maximize both Strength and Duration.

4. Prism

Fires an energy prism that shoots lasers in all directions. Activating again detonates the prism, blinding nearby foes.

Mirage Prime Prism

This can be one of the most devastating abilities of Mirage, to make the most of its potential, you will have to maximize both Reach and Strength, trying to compensate the wastage this can mean for Duration and Efficiency.

The amount of lasers won’t change, but what you will be interested in is to increase its damage and reach. If you compensate it with Duration, you may do less base damage, but you will increase the time Prism is active, being able to cause more damage over the time.

To sum up, what you will have to boost will depend on how you want to use Mirage on the battlefield. If you want to wreak havoc with your weapons you will have to maximize Duration and Strength regardless of the efficiency and Reach.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on the offensive capability of her last ability, Prism, you will have to maximize Strength and Reach, keeping a balance between Efficiency and Duration, something that will not be easy.

Passive Ability 1: Jester’s Proficiency

“Mirage has an increased proficiency when performing several Maneuvers”.

Mirage has the following bonuses:

  • +25% faster Bullet Jump speed.
  • +50% faster Maneuver speed.
Passive Ability 2: Energy Pulse

As all Prime Warframes, Mirage Prime has a special passive ability where contact with a Void Death Orb will make her release an energy pulse which grants 250 Energy to all nearby allies. This effect can only occur once per Death Orb and can occur even if the Death Orb has been previously destroyed.

Well Tenno, that’s all the information we can offer at this point, we hope this is helpful for you.

As always, if you think there is any mistake or missing information, let us know through the comments below.

Good hunting.

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