Warframe Oberon Prime

Oberon Prime is a warframe who can adapt to any play style. Here you can see all his strategies and details to make the most of this warframe, Tenno.

Remember Tenno, OberonPrime has a regular version, Oberon.

Oberon Prime

During the Tenno rebellion in the ancient Orokin empire, Oberon Prime fought across the entire Solar System against the Orokin, in risky missions and bloody blattles. His main goal was always to protect his fellow squadmates.

An enhanced energy capability, a superior armor and two extra polarities; these are the advantages Oberon Prime has compared to his regular version.



RZero 175 - RMax 263


RZero 225 - RMax 225


RZero 100 - RMax 300


RZero 125 - RMax 375

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.00 - RMax 1.00