Warframe Revenant

Revenant is a warframe marked with the Energy of the Sentients. A unique power waiting for any of us to take, Tenno. Here you can see how to obtain this mysterious warframe.

Revenant Recortado

Revenant is a warframe imbued with Sentient energy whose appearance is not fortuitous, Tenno, because is role in Warframe universe can be an essential change in the course of events of the entire Origin system.

Its strength enhanced by the essence of the Sentients grants him an overwhelming powers to control or destroy his enemies. Revenant is the one who rises among the remnants of the fallen Eidolon, the returned, the condemned, the possessed… In his hand lies the power to decide between life and death. And believe me, he does it without showing any remorse on his face.



RZero 125 - RMax 225


RZero 105 - RMax 105


RZero 225 - RMax 675


RZero 100 - RMax 300

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.0 - RMax 1.0