Warframe Wisp

Ethereal, accurate, and fearsome. This is Wisp, the perfect support warframe to control the battlefield. Here you can see all the information of this swift warframe, Tenno.

Warframe Wisp R

Wisp is a mystery, a warframe with abilities as useful as terrifying. From the ethereal, from the darkest shadows of the unknown comes Wisp, a ghostly memory of the old war. An avatar o hope for her allies, and an omen of the most fearsome death for her enemies.

A fast and precise warframe on the ground, and invisible for her enemies when she is in the air. But do not be fooled by her appearance or her swift movements. Wisp is able to control the power of the Sun, and that’s something her enemies can never forget.



RZero 200 - RMax 300


RZero 150 - RMax 150


RZero 75 - RMax 225


RZero 100 - RMax 300

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.2 - RMax 1.2