Warframe Zephyr

Light, agile and lethal, that’s Zephyr, death from the skies, Tenno.

Remember Tenno, Zephyr has a Prime version, Zephyr Prime.

Warframe Zephyr

Zephyr is a warframe with abilities focused on boosting her mobility and causing direct damage. However, it’s risky use her as a spearhead without no one watching her back, because she have a very low armor values.

The most experienced Tenno are able to move among the enemies, avoiding their attacks and eliminating quickly groups of minor enemies without taking much damage.



RZero 100 - RMax 150


RZero 15 - RMax 15


RZero 150 - RMax 450


RZero 150 - RMax 450

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.15- RMax 1.15