Warframe Nekros Prime

It doesn’t matter what you need, Nekros Prime is the perfect tool to farm any kind of resource. Here you have all his details and strategies, Tenno

Remember Tenno, Nekros Prime has a regular version, Nekros.

Warframe Nekros Prime EN

He is the portrayal of the fear in our hearts, the harbinger of death, he is Nekros Prime, Tenno. When the Sentients begin to annihilate the Orokin empire, the Executor Ballas lead a project to face these powerful enemies. His research was to use the power of the Void to control death. Nekros Prime, the result of this research, was one of the first to face the Sentients and resist their attack.

An improved health, an enhanced maximum energy and an extra polarity; these are the advantages Nekros Prime has compared to his regular version.



RZero 125 - RMax 188


RZero 65 - RMax 65


RZero 150 - RMax 450


RZero 100 - RMax 300

Sprint Speed

RZero 1.1- RMax 1.1